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Downloadable Walks Collection

This page allows you to download self-guided walking routes from across the Stroud District and within Gloucestershire. There are currently five sets of walks available. Click on the links below for more information. If you would prefer a guided walk, visit our Walks Near You page for details.

Circular Walks Packs

This set of walks include Stroud District Council's circular walks collection that will guide you through the steep wooded valleys of the Cotswolds escarpment, the rolling farmland on top of the scarp and down to the lush green meadows of the Severn Vale. All the walks are on designated rights of way and are clearly way marked.

PLEASE NOTE: These walks were developed in 1997 and, as they are now more than ten years old, you may find that some parts of the walk no longer work. If you are going to walk them, please take an additional OS map with you just in case and let us know if any of these routes are no longer achievable. You can get in touch by calling 01453 - 754322 or by e-mail.

To download individual walks, use the links provided below:
Circular Walk 1: Thames and Severn Canal Daneway to Stonehouse (515kb)
Circular Walk 2: Eastington to Nailsworth (235kb)
Circular Walk 3: Brookthorpe with Whaddon. This walk has been removed as the route is overgrown and partly blocked by new buildings.
Circular Walk 4: Upton St. Leonards and Prinknash (345kb)
Circular Walk 5: Cranham and Sheepscombe (1mb)
Circular Walk 6: This walk has been removed as it is no longer workable
Circular Walk 7: Standish (1mb)
Circular Walk 8: Haresfield Beacon and Standish Wood (230kb)
Circular Walk 9: Westrip and Doverow Hill (1.2mb)
Circular Walk 10: Randwick, Whiteshill and Pitchcombe (300kb)
Circular Walk 11: Selsley and The Stanleys (350kb)
Circular Walk 12: Selsley and Woodchester (975kb)
Circular Walk 13: Woodchester and Amberley (330kb)
Circular Walk 15: Minchinhampton and Hyde (2.5mb)
Circular Walk 16: Rodborough and Kingscourt (300kb)
Circular Walk 17: Arlingham and Overton (1.4mb)
Circular Walk 18: Frampton-on-Severn and Whitminster (1.15mb)
Circular Walk 19: Longney and Grove End (1.1mb)
Circular Walk 21: Eastington and Beard's Mill (370kb)
Circular Walk 22: Frocester and Coaley (1mb)
Circular Walk 23: Lower Cam and Coaley (245kb)
Circular Walk 25: Stinchcombe and Stancombe (250kb)
Circular Walk 26: Sheep Path Wood, Cam and Cam Peak (1.1mb)
Circular Walk 27: Dursley Woods and Downham Hill (1mb)
Circular Walk 28: Newmarket, Lutheridge and Horsley (1.2mb)
Circular Walk 29: Ledgemore, Longtree and Barton End (300kb)
Circular Walk 30: Berkeley and Wanswell (940kb)
Circular Walk 31: Berkeley and The Severn (260kb)
Circular Walk 32: Berkeley and Stone (1.6mb)
Circular Walk 33: Nympsfield and Owlpen - This walk has been removed as it is no longer walkable.
Circular Walk 34: Uley (960kb)
Circular Walk 35: Miserden (260kb)
Circular Walk 36: Painswick and Slad (1.1mb)
Circular Walk 37: Bisley with Lypiatt (265kb)
Circular Walk 38: Bisley and Oakridge - This walk has been removed as it is no longer walkable.
Circular Walk 39: Bisley and Upper Toadsmoor Valley (1.16mb)
Circular Walk 40: Thrupp and Lypiatt (270kb)
Circular Walk 41: Wotton under Edge (270kb)
Circular Walk 42: Wotton under Edge and Kingswood (1.1mb)
Circular Walk 43: Wortley (260kb)
Circular Walk 44: North Nibley and Westridge (1.15mb)

Shorter Non-led Health Walks

These self-guided walking routes cover five different locations from across the Stroud District. Each walk lasts between 30 mins - 60 mins and is designed to help people achieve the Government's recommended physical activity levels of 5 x 30 mins per week. The walks have been designed through our Walking the Way to Health group which began in 2006.

These walks are currently being reviewed and will be amended in due course. Thank you for your patience in the meantime and we hope you enjoy them! If you do walk any of these routes and find that they are incorrect, we value your feedback so please let us know. You can get in touch by calling 01453 - 754322 or by e-mail.

To download individual self-guided walking routes, use the links provided below:
Ebley Walk 1: Victoria Walk (300kb)
Ebley Walk 2: The Meadows (300kb)
Ebley Walk 3: Cashes Green Circular (300kb)
Ebley Walk 4: Railway Cross (300kb)
Ebley Walk 5: Foxmoor Meander (300kb)
Ebley Walk 6: The Chase (300kb)
Ebley Walk 7: Cainscross Stroll (300kb)
Nailsworth Walk 1: The Town Walk (300kb)
Nailsworth Walk 2: Fisheries Stroll (300kb)
Nailsworth Walk 3: W Views (300kb)
Nailsworth Walk 4: Cycle Track Waddle (300kb)
Nailsworth Walk 5: New Market Trek (300kb)
Nailsworth Walk 6: North and West of the Town (300kb)
Nailsworth Walk 7: Nympsfield to Newmarket (300kb)
Nailsworth Walk 8: Nailsworth (300kb)
Nailsworth Walk 9: Gun Barrel Alley (300kb)
Nailsworth Walk 10: From Trees to Fisheries (300kb)
Nailsworth Walk 11: Watledge Climb (300kb)
Nailsworth Walk 12: Stroll Bath to Barcelona (300kb)
Nailsworth Walk 13: To the Playing Field (300kb)
Nailsworth Walk 14: Windsoredge Escape (300kb)
Nailsworth Walk 15: Fisheries to Hill Top Views (300kb)
Stonehouse Walk 1: The Canal Retreat (300kb)
Stonehouse Walk 2: Alley Way Walk (300kb)
Stonehouse Walk 3: College View Stroll (300kb)
Stonehouse Walk 5: Stonehouse Tour (300kb)
Stonehouse Walk 6: Downtown Bridgend (300kb)
Stonehouse Walk 7: Kissing Gate Way to College (300kb)
Stonehouse Walk 8: Old Railway Ramble (300kb)
Stroud Walk 1: Arboretum Wonder (300kb)
Stroud Walk 2: Slad Escape (300kb)
Stroud Walk 3: Stratford Climb (300kb)
Stroud Walk 4: Mill Lake (300kb)
Stroud Walk 5: Cycle Track Trail (300kb)
Dursley Walk 1: The Knapp (400kb) - Checked and updated for 2017
Dursley Walk 2: Riverside Walk (400kb) - Checked and updated for 2017
Dursley Walk 3: Bridle Way Wander (400kb) - Checked and updated for 2017
Dursley Walk 4: Dursley Meander (400kb) - Checked and updated for 2017
Dursley Walk 5: Olive Grove (400kb) - Checked and updated for 2017
Dursley Walk 6: Dursley Stroll (400kb) - Checked and updated for 2017
Dursley Walk 7: Listers Way - this walk has been temporarily removed, as the extensive Littlecombe building works in 2013 have closed the public footpath. Initially there was a temporary diversion which wasn't too bad for a fit walker but now the builders have been allowed to completely close the path due to 'theft and vandalism' on the site.

A Walk for Everyone in the Stanleys

The Stanleys have some of the most interesting, varied and beautiful walks in the Cotswolds. We are also blessed with fine scenery, historical features, fine architecture and parks. To help you to enjoy them, Kings Stanley Parish Council have published, for the first time, a guide to some of these public footpaths. These walks are of varying distance and demands from 1.5 miles to 9 miles long. Clear guidance is given to distances involved and possible difficulties such as step-over stiles, steep hills, mud and livestock.
Cover (365kb)
Contents (kb)
King's Stanley Location Map (275kb)
Walk 3: Our Kissing Gate Walk (730kb)
Walk 4: Stile-free Circuit (325kb)
Walk 5: King's Stanley 5 Mile Circuit (875kb)
Walk 6: King's Stanley Historical Walk Commentary (675kb)
Walk 7: Cotswold Way, King's Stanley Loop (735kb)
Walk 8: Jackdaw Quarry to Woodchester Mansion (845kb)
Walk 9: Walks with Wheels (20kb)
Walk 10: Farm to Farm (1mb)
Walk 11:Middle Ground (685kb)
Walk 12: Stile-free Selsley Common (220kb)
Walk 13: A Little Bit of History (275kb)
Walk 14: All Change (310kb)
Walk 15 Old Buildings List (20kb)
Walk 16: Five Acre Grove (365kb)
Walk 17: Sandfords Knoll (200kb)
Walk 18: Beating the Bounds (400kb)
Walk 19: Pubs, Commons and Hills (785kb)
Walk 20: Footpath Maintenance (4.5mb)
Walk 24: Geology Walk (680kb)
Walk 25: Field Names (205kb)

Walks and Cycle rides around Stinchcombe

This set includes a wide range of walks and cycle rides, some easy and some more challenging, some short and some longer, going in different directions from the village. They are beautifully produced on individual leaflets (including colour photographs). Although the walks are completely FREE, donations towards the upkeep of Stinchcome village hall would be gratefully accepted. For a hard copy or to make a donation please ring Ann Selby on 01453 519139.

Walk 1: Skylarks and Orchids Walk (1.35mb)
Walk 2: Brideshead Revisited (890kb)
Walk 3: The Millennium Oak (1.3mb)
Walk 4: Views of the Vale (975kb)
Walk 5: The Holy Walk (1000kb)
Walk 6: The Three Hills (890kb)
Walk 7: The New Inn (630kb)
Walk 8: The Black Horse (915kb)
Walk 9: Under the Edge - A Walk to Wotton (760kb)
Walk 10: Woodland Walk - To and from Dursley (500kb)
Walk 11 and 12: A Wild Fowl and Wild West (Cycle Ride) (480kb)
Walk 13: A Tale of Two Cities (Cycle Ride) (975kb)
Walk 14 and 15: Up Hill, Down Hill and Cam Peak and Long Down (Cycle Ride) (430kb)

Walks on Wheels

The set of walks outlines fifteen short routes that can be explored by users of wheelchairs, power scooters and children's buggies. Walks on Wheels will help you to enjoy quiet country paths, villages or market towns. Most are suitable for all wheel users; others may not be suitable. The project was devised by the Cotswold Voluntary Wardens to mark 40 years of helping to improve access to the Cotswolds and conserve its landscape.
Walk 1: Ilmington (56kb)
Walk 2: Dovers Hill (78kb)
Walk 3: Hinchwick (102kb)
Walk 4: Rollright Stones (108kb)
Walks 5 and 6: Cleeve Common (79kb)
Walk 7: Crickley Hill (96kb)
Walk 8: Charlbury (75kb)
Walk 9: Amberley (77kb)
Walk 10: Cirencester (81kb)
Walk 11: Tetbury (82kb)
Walk 12: Badminton (79kb)
Walk 13: Lansdown (67kb)
Walk 14: Dundas (84kb)
Walk 15: Bradford-on-Avon (66kb)

To view the Walks List and/or the individual walks leaflets you will need Acrobat Reader installed on your computer. This can be downloaded free of charge from the Adobe website.

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